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LCLC 2017

It’s Friday, so I am compelled to do something similar to GCLS and write an update after only one day of the conference because some people (not naming names here) will ask where’s the Friday blog? This time writing the blog way before the conference ends makes sense because we arrived last Saturday.


Unbeknownst to us, there are a lot of the LCLC crowd who arrive early. We believed we’d have the whole place to ourselves and enjoy the sun several days before the event started but much to our delight, that was not true. I saw delight because before the official conference started we were able to have multiple discussions and a few rousing parties before the first official day.


So…without further adieu, I’m going to tell you my top five highlights so far. I get to write five instead of 3-4 after only the first day because of those pre-conference activities.

  1.  I may or may not have volunteered to take an official drunk test one night and there may or may not be a video of it. The attendees who are former police and currently still working as police officers are extremely nice and good sports and they really add a certain amount of fun to the event. I never laughed so hard at myself, which is a tremendous feat because I do goofy things all the time that prompt me to laugh or make fun of myself.
  2. The new official name of the conference is Lick Lick…enough said!
  3. The intelligent conversations about books. I had a brand new discussion that was incredible about what constitutes science fiction versus fantasy or speculative. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that sometimes I love a good debate and after this conversation, we both came away with new perspectives on a few things.
  4. Even though I’ve yet to take advantage of this accommodation, the sound system is set up to enable the conference participants to listen while lounging in the pool. How cool is that? Literally, it helps some people remain cool as they float on their back and soak up not only the sun but brilliant tidbits from the speakers and panels.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, was the police procedures session. I was fortunate enough to participate again in some of the demonstrations.  This time, I got to hold the gun and shoot at the “bad guys”.  For someone like me who could never be labeled a “bad ass”, playing the police officer was fun. Of course, I may or may not have run away when someone was holding a pipe bomb as my answer to the tense situation….


The names of both writers and readers attending this conference who are so fun to hang with are far too many to call out and because I am old, I am bound to forget some, but I would be remiss not to at least mention that my Affinity pal, Renee is here and we are representing Affinity Rainbow Publications as proud authors from that awesome publishing company. See….that’s the thing, authors from any publishing company and self-published authors are welcome to this event that is co-sponsored by Sapphire and Desert Palm Press. Chris and Schileen are such wonderful hosts and do a great job of making sure everyone is taken care of and feels welcome.


There are two more days to the conference and I participate in both a panel and an author reading today, so I’ll need to avoid imbibing in adult beverages until the evening. Since I didn’t bring that many books with me, I’ve already run out of a few, but you know you can always find them online, so for all of you who haven’t read my stuff, but want to…you know the drill…click on one of the links below!

Proud to be an Affinity Rainbow Publications author!

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