Bring Back The Hoarder

Well, crap…all that time spent on ridding myself of the hoarder gene by getting rid of absolutely everything so we could fit into the 1,000-foot condo is now biting me in the ass. Yup, I could really use one of those three couches we gave away or one the two queen-sized beds. A coffee table might also have come in handy. I’m now dreaming about that ultra-suede recliner…the one that got away. Don’t even get me started on the cabinets that I could load with books or the extra stereo that I gave away. Of course, the cherry on the top was my high end elliptical and exercise bike. I sold them both, but the recipient got more than a good deal and the rowing machine…yup…given away.


I never thought I would have to take up residence…again…in another part of the state while maintaining a second home. We planned on retiring in Moses Lake, but that didn’t work out the way we wanted. This weekend I’ll be moving up to Forks and it’s downright pathetic what I plan on taking with me…a single blow up bed, a camping chair, bedding, towels, my clothes, toiletries, a few kitchen supplies (very few like a couple of bowels, plates, cups, etc.) and cleaning supplies. Now don’t raise your eyebrows, even though I’m not a domestic goddess, I’m not a pig either. Everything fits in my Prius if that gives any indication of how little I will have at my new place.

camping chair

Three plus years will be a long time to go without furniture but gosh darn it, I hate the fact that we’ll be right back at that same place as before when we were shedding ourselves of all those worldly possessions. The most painful part of this whole move will be not having my work out equipment right there for me to roll out of bed and start my day with a healthy workout. Can you guess what will be the first thing I look for?  I don’t give a rip about having to give it away again three plus years from now, exercise is my drug and I simply cannot do without it!


So…here’s the question, what should I collect over the next three years? Because…you know that little hoarder gene is just begging to come out and play again. The one consolation to all of this is the room I will now have to purchase more print books. So…for anyone looking for great deals, just hang on and in three years, I’ll be giving away all my shit again.


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4 thoughts on “Bring Back The Hoarder

  1. When we moved from Boston to London, I had to sleep on an air mattress for 6 weeks while our stuff was on a boat. It was interesting. Good luck getting settled and picking up the “essentials.”


  2. I wish you nothing but good things. To be honest I don’t think I could live with the few essentials your brining but that’s just me. Give Jody a hug from me. It shouldn’t effect her as much where as she travels a lot for work. What happens to the furbabies?


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