Highlights and Lowlights of 2017

I’m not going to lie. This past year was a total suckorama for me, and most definitely not the good kind of sucking.  I’ve had a few bouts of situational depression in my life and this past year, one reared its ugly head. Normally those times center around a broken heart, but this year I experienced a whole new situation…one I never ever thought I would face in my lifetime. Needless to say, I am very glad 2017 is almost over.


Here are my top three lowlights and highlights. Let’s start with the lowlights and end on a positive note. I’m hoping 2018 will dramatically improve not just for myself, but for everyone. Although I have my positive and sunny disposition back I am only guardedly optimistic based on my top lowlight.

2017 low

  1. January 20th Donald J. Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President. This began a wave of nationalism and not the good kind.  This kind of nationalism is the same type that worked for Adolf Hitler and has also spurred on other hate groups. Ironically his nationalist rhetoric riled the fringe element of those radical groups he’s sworn to wipe from the face of this earth. The narcissist has no filter and continues to amaze me with his stupidity and utter lack of compassion or regard for those not like him (or those who dare to oppose him).  Let us persist in our opposition to his hateful rhetoric and policies so that we are not faced with another four years of his tyranny.
  2. April 7th brought an entirely new level of humiliation as I was let go from my job. I was on the verge of ending a nearly 30-year career in shame. Despite my best efforts, nearly thirty years of experience, nationally recognized by my peers, I could not even secure an entry-level management position at a local manufacturing firm. I was nearly despondent for 6 months and on the verge of giving up.  More tears transpired in that 6 months than in my entire time on this earth.
  3. October 13th I moved to Forks, WA which is a six and a half hour drive on a good day. In case you don’t understand the gravity of this…I am now six and a half hours away from my beloved wife.  We are back to living apart, but this time our ability to see one another every weekend is not an option. We are hoping for at least once a month.  Three more years of this will be challenging. We are confident this  is doable because we love each other and can see the light at the end of the retirement ahead tunnel.


Now on to the highlights…whew.  I need to purge those lowlight demons from my soul.

  1. Spending a glorious week and a half with my wife in Palm Springs at the LCLC Conference before I started my new job.
  2. Getting the job was bittersweet, but this has to be included in my top three because it yanked me from my depressive state and garnered a, “it’s good to have you back”, from my wife.  She was on the other end of my depression. Forks Community Hospital has been wonderfully welcoming and truly appreciative of what I can bring to the organization. We’ve already made some great strides and I feel like I am making a real difference here. I’m allowed free reign to do what I do best and it makes my workweek fun.
  3. During the time I was unemployed I wrote four and a half books and several short stories. My 2018 schedule is completely full now and I am writing for 2019.  As a side note to this highlight, this past year Affinity Rainbow Publications let me know they were going to publish, Unconventional Lovers.  Hands down this is my all-time favorite baby. To say I was delighted would be a massive understatement. Don’t worry…more to come on this in future blogs. Look for this book on January 24th.


I hope your 2018 is filled with joy and books. Speaking of books, I do have quite the backlist…simply click on one of the links below to download one!

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3 thoughts on “Highlights and Lowlights of 2017

  1. I also hope 2018 is better. On February 5 2017 My beloved fell into a coma and septic shock. Gail is now at home and I’m giving dialysis. We have a long road but I know in my heart it will get better. I wish you and Jody a very happy and prosperous New Year. Keep writing those wonderful books. ❤️


  2. I’m super happy that the new job came through for you but it sucks that those asshats at your old job stuck it to you. I know how it feels when someone kick you to the curb after 24 years.

    I am also thankful that a work as awesome as ‘Unconventional Lovers’ is going to make it into print. It’s one of my favorite all time reads. Thanks for giving me a preview.

    May 2018 be the best year yet.


  3. As much as 2017 sucked, I kinda think the Asshole in the Oval was right about one thing – the swamp is definitely being drained. We can now see the wolves in sheep’s clothing that have been surrounding us all along. We are starting to see who we can really trust and who we need to lock our hearts against, and as demoralizing as that is, it’s a start. I wish you many more reunions with your wife over the coming years – and a great internet connection for those Skype sessions you will both need.


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