Squeamish About the Semash

I’ve done it again…gone off into a quirky new area of fiction…pushing those boundaries. Yeah, I know…no big surprise. You almost expect that of me now. This time I might cause a bit of squeamishness as I travel completely off the rails.


My newest word that I posted on Facebook is a Semash. I know that writers often bring characters from books back together. Famous authors have been known to sneak in characters from previous books, accomplishing a kind of cross character hyrbid novel. But…has anyone ever combined two sequels into one book. Oh, and not just any two sequels, but two books in completely different genres. I call that a Semash. Definition: A mash-up of genres that combine two entirely different sequels into one book. Romantic thriller meets urban fantasy.


Who knew I would demolish my own rule? I kept insisting I am not a series or sequel writer. Now I’m nearly choking on that foot stuck squarely in my mouth. I couldn’t help myself, I had to tell this story and it lent itself well with bringing back a beloved character from Asset Management, The Thanksgiving Baby Caper and The Organization. Everything sort of spiraled from there. I thought, well hell, I shouldn’t simply bring back one character from that two and a half book series, I might as well do a Semash.  I haven’t given readers the opportunity to ask me to write a sequel to The Book Addict,  because that book won’t come out until summer.  I just went ahead and started a sequel when I got the idea of Book Witches bringing characters to life.  Then the snowball picked up speed and turned into this Semash. Spoiler alert: The character who I chose to bring to life is Dani, a prominent, but very secondary character.

'Hawthorne's attempt at a sequel.'

When I saw the first the Terminator movie, I loved the whole mind-bending concept of going back into the past to cement a positive future. Oh and don’t get me started on the whole chicken versus egg thing. You know where we learn that John Connor’s father is Kyle Reese who just happens to be the soldier that the adult John Connor sends back in time to protect his mother. Wow…convoluted, but so cool to think about.  I saw a crude meme on that and decided against using it…something along the lines of, go back and make love (not the words used) to my mother so I can be born. The book I am currently writing may cause that same level of squeamishness as readers ponder the wacky concepts I put forth.


My mind-bending questions include: Are characters brought to life by authors or by the readers who enjoy them so much they become real. What is reality? Is our living and breathing existence truly life or just an illusion? Maybe we are merely characters inside some other entity’s book! What happens when fiction and what we consider reality collide? Oh and my personal favorite…can a character who is brought to life write their own story without the assistance of the author? Forget Fanfic, how about Characterfic? Ooh, now there’s another new word. Maybe I’ll write a whole new dictionary. Screw Oxford or Webster’s…neither have enough panache’.


I do hope you’ll give my quirky style a shot. I’ve heard the twists and turns can be a lot of fun for the reader. Check out my backlist by clicking on the links below. Oh, and don’t forget Unconventional Lovers comes out this month!

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2 thoughts on “Squeamish About the Semash

  1. And I’ll buy the dictionary, as well!! Oh, I would love to see YouTwitFace be a reality. Thank you for lifting my spirits…hmm…there’s another concept. Are my spirits good or bad; can spirits truly be one or the other, or are they fluid?


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