Can I Brag A Little….

No, not about my writing. I wish! This is about my rare technology prowess. Can you believe it? Me! I entered the technology goddess phase.


Last week my faithful laptop went belly up. It was time I retired her because she was over five years old. Frankly, I’m surprised she lasted that long. I was screwed because…of course I hadn’t been backing up my files. I have two external drives, and neither one of them was getting any action lately.

computer probelms

Yup, you guessed it. There were files I desperately wanted to get out of my old laptop after I couldn’t boot that dang thing up. It would not take a charge or even boot up when plugged in.

cat plug

At first, I was going to ask one of the tech guys at work to retrieve the files for me. He has a side business and I figured it would be worth the $150. Last time this happened, I had a computer guru replace the plug in receptacle. My cat had caused the plug to bend and that made the laptop unusable. Then I decided to do a little research, because you know how much I love research.

cat chew on plug

Google is truly my friend. I learned I could buy this little device called a SATA/IDE to USB 3.0 unit. This little baby allows you to plug in an internal hard drive and then attach to a new laptop. I’d already purchased a lightning fast HP Laptop after calling my wife and asking permission. She told me to get whatever I wanted (I know I’m spoiled).


So, I ordered one and it came two days later. I’m a handy little dyke and figured I could unscrew the back of my old laptop and pluck out the internal hard drive and voila, I’d be on my way in no time. I was able to get the internal drive out easily, but all the electronics were winking at me and taunting me. I know if my fingers touched something the wrong way, I was screwed. Again, my creative brain went to work and I cut out a piece of cardboard to protect the exposed electronics and wrapped it up in duct tape. Duct tape to the rescue again. It ain’t pretty, but it works!


The next hurdle was locating my files under the my documents folder. Pesky little security protections hid the damn files under my users/Lisa folder. I poked around until I found a way to unhide the files and allow access as an administrator on my new laptop. Don’t ask me how I did it because I haven’t the foggiest idea. I kept trying different things until it worked.

cat plug1

Now, if only I could have the same amount of success with my books!  Want to help me with that, go ahead, give one of my books a try. I think you might like them. Don’t forget the release of The Book Witch it just around the corner. Coming out in January and it’s even more fun that The Book Addict because the characters in Asset Management and The Organization are baaackkkk!


Want to catch up, be sure to read The Book Addict, Asset Management, The Organization, and The Thanksgiving Baby Caper.  That should set you up nicely for The Book Witch coming in January!

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