Tis the Season…..

The title above auto-corrected to Tits the Season and I almost left it. Then I thought I better change it back! Christmas is around the corner and I hate to admit I’ve become one of those….a cranky old woman who’d rather move quickly through the holidays, instead of embracing the joy of the season. Not only is it the holiday season, but it is the nasty ugly weather season in Forks, Washington (where I live). I’ve posted about my fun times lately and have gotten quite creative over the past few weeks in my journey to walk to work each day which is a 1/2 a mile away. I know, why would I choose to walk in 70 mile hour winds and pouring down rain? Because I can, and it is not that far away. See my version of rain gators….stop laughing it worked until Santa Claus can bring me rain pants.rain gator

Speaking of Santa Claus, let’s talk about Christmas for a second. Neither my wife or I are Christian. She is a Buddhist and I am, well, I don’t really know other than I am not Christian. And….yes I know that not only Christians celebrate Christmas. In fact in my research good old St. Nick dates back to when the first Europeans came to the new world. Although, many were reluctant to adopt the traditions of St. Nick in the new world, they persevered in England. After the American Revolution, there were efforts to bring back the jolly old man and in 1810 the New York Historical Society held the first St. Nicolas anniversary dinner on December 6th. Let the tradition of gift giving begin! Thus the merging of the Christian holiday and the traditions of St. Nick. This event paved the way to a modern day Christmas.


When my wife and I started our journey together many years ago, I would buy a live tree and decorate both the tree and the house. We exchanged gifts, joined in the merriment, etc., etc., etc. Soon each of those traditions went by the wayside. Now we don’t decorate, don’t exchange gifts, and barely acknowledge the day as any different from another day. She asked me if I wanted her to pick up rain gear for Christmas and I said no. I am re-thinking that option now. The only thing we do is prepare a nice meal (with wine of course) because it would be barbaric not to have good food on a designated holiday. And…our aversion to celebrating in the traditional way, makes me think I have turned into one of those…a cranky old woman.


Want to know the best Christmas presents for me? They don’t come in a box. They come from: 1) making the 12 Days of Lesfic 2018 list from Rachelle at Les Reveur; 2) an e-mail from a reader who was touched by Unconventional Lovers; 3) Victoria mentioning Unconventional Lovers on her podcast as a book of note in Lesfic Bingo and; 4) every single positive e-mail, post and message I’ve received throughout the year. Those are the best presents of all. I don’t need no stinkin’ bobbles to make my Christmas the best ever (maybe I need rain pants). I have all the readers out there that continue to support me. Thank you. Peace and joy to everyone during this holiday season!

Holiday Cardreindeer card

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Unconventional Lovers
Unconventional Lovers

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3 thoughts on “Tis the Season…..

  1. somehow I pictured you decked out in GLAD Force Flex black bags fearlessly braving the rain… not green plastic leggings 🙂 stay safe, have a great time with your wife during ” Yule” as today is the longest night of the year, you should have lots of fun…..


  2. “He sex you when your sleeping”
    That’s what autocorrect did, no joke. Which plays in well with what I was going to say. Because what I was going to say was,
    “He sees you when you’re sleeping,
    He knows when you’re awake.”
    Out of curiosity are you talking about Santa Claus or Bill Cosby?
    And yes, I did just go there. I am curious about my phone though because as an electronics engineer I wonder whether the autocorrect is built into its own dictionary or does it adaptively add on to its dictionary based on the words do user has built up into the add-on dictionary… if that’s the case I may be in trouble.


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