The Big Countdown…


On January 1st, my wife and I started the big countdown until we both retire at the end of the year. Yup, the goal is to retire by the end of THIS YEAR. We are both so friggin’ excited, we can hardly stand it. Did you know there are multiple ways to do a countdown? I know about a few of them now.


  • For my laptop, there were four apps to choose from. I chose D-Day Countdown lite because I could add my own personal pic.

laptop app countdown

  • For my iPhone and iPad, I chose the app Countdown


  • Then there is the good old fashioned calendar on the wall. I must say there is something so satisfying about making those big, fat, red Xs. I think I’ll put mine up on the wall in my apartment so I can look at it every day while missing my wife during the week.

wall calendar

  • Finally, I really liked this one, but I don’t think I’ll be eating the skittles that I plan to put in the little jars.

jar countdown

I’ll spare you all the other cutesy ideas I found on the internet because honestly, I’m not even going to pretend to use any of them.  I think the above ideas work just fine without being overkill. Of course, I could be talked into adding one or two more because I am that excited about this countdown. So…go ahead and tell me what you would do?


In the meantime, this countdown year is shaping up to be a very busy one for me with at least four book releases and my very first audiobook. Artist Free Zone comes out on February 21st. I am particularly excited about that one because every single cent goes toward two very deserving charities: The Trevor Project and It Gets Better.


Prepare for your mind to be blown away by The Book Witch, which is the ultimate squeries – a cross between sequel and series. This story cleverly weaves the characters from two different book series into one. As I’ve posted before, if you want to catch up, reading the following books will allow you the full experience: Asset Management, The Organization, The Thanksgiving Baby Caper and The Book Addict.

Award-winning author, Annette Mori, brings back the gang from Asset Management and The Organization together with the colorful women in The Book Addict. What if someone had the power to bring characters to life? Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Are those beloved characters only in the minds of the authors and their readers or can they become living, breathing entities?
Imara is a book witch who is convinced of her superiority over the run of the mill book magicians—even if one of those magicians is her former best friend, Elle, the bookstore owner of The Enchanted Page. Imara has her sights set on Jaiden, but she needs Elle’s help along with Elle’s girlfriend, Tanya. And, Elle is not speaking to her.
Jaiden isn’t your typical high school teacher. Reluctant to immerse herself in love after growing up with her free-spirited mother, Jaiden finds herself drawn to two different women. She can’t decide whether she loves or hates what Imara has done. When Imara decides to bring the beloved character, Dani, to life, sparks fly.
All is not well in the sleepy town of Coupeville when Elle’s foe sets a trap for Jaiden and Imara, forcing the women to engage the help of the badass women from The Organization, and the talents of the book magicians. Will love be the force to help them all prevail?


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3 thoughts on “The Big Countdown…

  1. I have to say that retirement is the best thing ever! My kids are grown and the grandkids are getting older so that I no longer have to baby sit (but I do miss that part). I really do have all the time I need to do the things that I want—–but—- it really seems as if I have less time than before I retired! WTF? There is just always something that needs my attention. I can’t figure it out. I am so happy for you two ladies and hope the year goes by fast. The older you get the faster time flies so it will seem like no time at all. Not that you’re getting older—-just better, right?


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