I have a dirty little secret. No, it’s not that I have obsessive compulsive disorder (mild case…not like my mother) because that is well known. Although, my wife disagrees with the mild part. She thinks it’s a bit more pronounced! My obsessiveness has taken me to a place I never thought I would go. In the past, I’ve always deleted or skipped those ads for games. In fact, the first thing I used to do when I got a new laptop was delete all the preinstalled games that used to comes in a nice tidy package with new computers. Remember that? I know. I am dating myself. I don’t think they do that anymore.

I cannot tell you how many times I have deleted messages from people inviting me to play, “fill in the blank.” But, you know my obsession with cats…Well…I kept seeing these ads on Facebook for Kitten Match. Oh boy did they suck me in. There’s a lonely little kitten kicked to the curb in pouring rain or snow in the ads and the ad broke me. I capitulated and downloaded the stupid game.

Needless to say, I’ve been obsessed with playing this game to absolute distraction. When I receive thirty minutes of free lives, nothing else exists. My wife could be having an affair right in front of me, and I would not notice. She’s joked about sending me to therapy for my addition. She may be on to something.

I now have all eight kittens that I am taking care of. I’ve bought them toys, new outfits, cleaned up the dilapidated house they live in. You name it. I am committed to my eight kittens that I’ve adopted. They never lack for food, water or a clean litter box. Yup, all of those things are accomplished by playing these little games to get gold coins, bombs and boosters to help you accomplish the games. At this point I have played 305 games and am remodeling the last room in the house for my little kittens. I’ve even taken several pictures of my adorable kittens!

I often write about addiction and obsession in my books because even though I joke about a lot of things, these are serious issues. In the upcoming March Madness sale, my book The Panty Thief will be offered for sale. There is both obsession (medical school studies) and addiction in that book. In addition, a book that is near and dear to my heart…The Dream Catcher will also appear sometime in the future in a MyLesfic.com ad. Although The Dream Catcher doesn’t quite deal with OCD, the main character is bi-polar and obsessiveness does go hand in hand with bi-polar disorder. Hopefully you will take advantage of those ads. For other books still on sale or on Kindle Unlimited…you know the drill. Click on the links below.

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