Basking in the Bidet

Some of you may have read my posts on the bidet in our suite in Cancun. To be fair, it is not the first time we’ve had a bidet, but it is the first time I’ve requested assistance on how to use it. I’d always wanted to try one, but for whatever reason, I never have. Thanks to the oh so helpful Facebook friends, including K’Anne Meinel, who sent step-by-step instructions on using a bidet, I finally gave the thing a shot. Oh, my glorious god…I want one for our condo. I loved it and haven’t even taken the suggestions yet on incorporating it into sexy time. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to try a bidet. The first time I ever saw one was when I was backpacking in Europe at 19. I wasn’t brave enough to try it then, which is a damn pity. I don’t really even know why I had to give it a go (no pun intended) now, but I am sold.

I’ve now searched the internet to see how I can purchase a kit to turn my boring old toilet in our condo into a combination toilet/bidet. Yup, there are kits out there, and I can’t wait to get mine, do the butch thing, and install it. I got my eye on the Tushy Spa 3.0…but I am open to suggestions. On the other hand, my wife is not too jazzed about me installing it on my own. She doesn’t exactly trust the site that claims the install takes a mere ten minutes. I believe she said something like, “You are not going to install that on your own.” That is precisely what I plan to do. It looks super easy to me! Plus, bonus, I get to break out my toolbag. Absolutely one of my favorite things to do! Of course, my assessment of my skills is something entirely different from my wife’s. Although, a male friend of ours kept telling me he was duly impressed that I was the one who replaced our propane regulator in our RV. Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself for that, too.

To be fair, I once tried to install a ceiling fan in my house, and because I couldn’t reach the ceiling, I put a chair on the kitchen counter. Disaster ensued, and I fell, hurting my tailbone. This happened early in our relationship, and I don’t think my wife has forgotten that mishap. In my defense, the fan was really heavy. I absolutely knew how to install it because I’d installed one before. I just didn’t have the upper body strength anymore. We hired someone to install our ceiling fans in our condo, but I could have done it with a little help (that I was definitely not going to get from my wife).

This has got me thinking that I don’t believe I’ve read a scene in a book that prominently features a bidet, so if I get the writing bug again…I will most certainly include one. The possibilities are endless. In the meantime, if you want to check out all the interesting little scenes I try to add to my books, you know the drill. Just click one of the links below.

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2 thoughts on “Basking in the Bidet

  1. Go for it! Darla installed ours at the lake house. It was pretty easy. However, ours isn’t working at the moment. We need to flush out the lines. We had some issues in our main water line and there’s mud in the line causing low water pressure.

    Darla taught me how to install a ceiling fan. Sounds like you both have some of the same skills.

    Have fun tinkering!! It’s Darla’s favorite thing to do. 😄


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