Cyclists Rule

In case any of you missed this little news story…apparently, a cyclist pissed off the MAGA truck convoy by taking his sweet old time in front of the convoy, holding the dicknobs to a crawl. And then later in the week, the story broke about how they were crying about the traffic being so bad (you know the traffic they voluntarily entered in an effort to clog the traffic and make a point…) many could not get to a restroom and pissed their tight whiteys. Oh…boo hoo.

What I want to know is why none of them thought this through. Honestly, it took me like two seconds to find a portable pee bag. The Groee Urine Bag. No shit, I am not kidding…see picture below. But, no the whiney little MAGA boys weren’t prepared for the traffic, the individuals who were decidedly unsupportive of their political theater, the clever cyclist, the fact that what they were protesting was no longer relevant, or their full bladders after that thirty-two-ounce Big Gulp (or whatever the hell they are calling it nowadays).

So…inquiring minds like mine started thinking about what do the truckers do when they do get a chance to stop. Did they think to bring an extra pair of drawers? Do they head home and rush into the bathroom holding off a kiss from their spouse…

“Hang on honey, I feel really gross after a long day fucking up traffic. I think, I’ll take a quick shower.”

Spouse wrinkles their nose, “Is that pee I smell?”

“Yeah, fucking snowflake liberals made me pee my pants.”

Spouse tilts head and asks, “How did they do that…never mind. Take your shower.”

Now if the spouse didn’t silently add, “Idiot” after “take your shower,” I’ll chomp on my ballcap.

Of course, this has nothing to do with books, but it was too good of a story not to comment on. As an avid cyclist myself, I do weave cycling into a few of my books. So I suppose, there is your tie-in! Want to read about the characters and their cycling adventures, you know the drill, just click one of the links below.

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