Okay, before all your minds head straight for the gutter…that isn’t what this blog is about. As I was almost into dreamland the other night, my oldest rescue cat started licking my hair. He typically sleeps on my pillow and I can only manage to grab a small corner of the pillow, but my hair tends to fan out. He must have decided it needed grooming. The other two male cats bookended me and both of them began licking as well. One was licking my face, while the other started on my hand. My female cat has also started this licking routine when she cuddles with me on the couch as I watch the news. It got me to thinking, what’s with all the licking? It’s annoying. I can groom myself. Thank you very much.

This got me thinking about all the ridiculous rhetoric from the far-right who have justified those heinous laws by stating that teachers are somehow “grooming” young children. I tried to rack my brain for a story about a teacher who licked their student. Nope, never happened, no grooming has ever been done in the classroom. Neither has specific teaching about sex and LGBTQ+ issues to K through grade three. But that hasn’t stopped Governor Deshitass from signing the Parental Rights Law. The dog whistle is loud and harmful to our community. We all know that “grooming” is code for pedeophilia. There is no bottom to how low they will go to justify this shit.

One more plea for our community to start paying attention, because the far right is now brazen with their open homophobia and discrimination. They aren’t even trying to soften their rhetoric anymore. While everyone focuses on Will Smith and Chris Rock, more and more states are taking action against the LGBTQ+ community, and specifically the trans community. Maybe we should spend a little less time debating about Will and Chris and focus our energies on the really important topics like how the far right is successfully eroding hard-fought rights. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that they will go back to regulating what we can and cannot do in the bedroom. And marriage equality will be a distant memory. If you believe that could never happen, you better start paying attention. The questions asked at the hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson tipped their hat. They want unrestricted state rights, including the right to bring back sodomy laws, specifically aimed at LGBTQ+. Welcome to the Age of Ignorance.

Voting, supporting organizations that fight for our rights, boycotts, and continuing to speak out are some of the ways we can fight back. Let’s do it together. I can’t help letting my beliefs enter into my books, but I suspect that is simply singing to the choir. Keep peacefully fighting…we can’t let them win! Having a hard time reaching into my brain this morning for a tie-in to books and promotion of my books specifically, so I’ll leave that off…LOL Nah…April Fools. Seriously, people? It’s the only reason I scrounge each week for topics…so I can promote and maybe get one sale a week from my blog! You know the drill, click the links below…

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2 thoughts on “Lick…Lick…Lick

  1. Make sure you are well, especially if this is new behavior. Animals know things!
    And yes I’m of the opinion that the whole world has gone, or is going mad!

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