Life is a mixed bag…

This past week has had highs and lows…just like life. I’ve often heard that if life was all rainbows and unicorns every day of the week, we would not be able to distinguish between the good and bad times. The lows are there so that we can appreciate the highs without getting complacent and expecting that only positive events cross our paths.

I’m sure by now everyone knows the passing of a beautiful soul this past week. I was proud to not only call Erin O’Reilly my mentor but my friend. Her passing leaves a great big hole in the Affinity Rainbow Publications family. Erin had the soft touch to soothe any author’s ruffled feathers. Authors can be such a sensitive bunch! She was also the one who gave freely of her time to help new authors find their voices. I learned about head-hopping, passive voice, proper use of dialogue tags, and honestly, Erin tried very hard to teach me show not tell. But alas that is one area I am still working on. Descriptions are not my thing! If you haven’t read any of Erin’s books, might I suggest you start with her series When Hell Meets Heaven. Link to Amazon: I know Erin got emails and other messages from fans who loved her work, I know I always told her how much I enjoyed her books, but it is always sad for me to learn that sometimes readers don’t find a great author until after they’ve passed. I suspect this will be true of Erin. I only hope that wherever she is, the accolades reach her!

Yesterday, I was delighted by the news that the Senate finally confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson to the supreme court and managed to get three Republican votes. Certainly a high note to the week. Despite all the horrible news, including daily assaults on the LGBTQ+ community, this one shining story lifted my spirits. Of course, I am not naive enough to believe that without another confirmation the dramatic shift to the far right will stop, but I have to hang onto hope that we won’t lose the Senate and might get our chance to confirm one more. Life is unpredictable. Remember…it is a mixed bag. And lately, too many of the boring peanuts that I pick around have filled that bag. We’re due some additional delicious cashews.

I answered a post this past week where authors were asked a question about which book did not receive a lot of love but we thought the book was better than the reception it received (paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact words to the question). Anyhoo, I answered, The Others. But I could have just as easily provided several other choices. Not all of my books have been top sellers or even mediocre sellers. LOL. Like life, I suppose my books are a mixed bag! Fortunately for me, some readers might like cashews a little better (have a favorite book of mine they re-read) but are just as happy to consume peanuts in that mixed bag. I encourage you to also check out my other exotic nuts (lowest selling books), like The Dream Catcher, Disconnected, and One Shot at Love. Maybe you will find you prefer them over peanuts or cashews. Oh, and by the way…totally risky move…Disconnected is coming out in Audible and will definitely require some love!

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