Gender Identity

Before my meeting last week with an insurance trust that I am a board member, I thought I was relatively knowledgeable about gender identity. Boy was I wrong. The consultants were discussing how insurance underwriting was more challenging these days, especially in California where one group they worked with had nine different genders that individuals could choose from. Well…that definitely caught my interest, because off the top of my head I could only think of six: Cismale, Cisfemale, Transman, Transwoman, Intersex, and Non-binary.

I never did find the list of nine genders in California, but I learned so much more, terms I’d never heard before. It also seemed like gender and sexual preference or identity seemed very intertwined within a number of different articles. I really wanted to unravel that a bit more since the two seem to be different things and I wonder why all several articles wanted to combine the two topics. But, that is a topic for another day. Here is a list of terms I’d never heard before (I feel very uneducated right now):

Genderqueer: People who identify as neither woman nor man, both woman and man, or a combination. Apparently, this term is also used interchangeably with non-binary. Honest question here…why is there a need for this term if non-binary is used interchangeably?

Genderfluid: People who prefer to express either or both maleness or femaleness, and that can vary, perhaps from day to day. I love this one…even better than non-binary because of the fluidity. How cool is that!

Gender Nonconforming: A person who does not conform to cultural gender norms. I believe a lot of us could claim this label. I went through a phase where I wore boxer shorts underneath my jeans, and I believe this might fit this definition. Unfortunately, they bunched up as bad as bikini underwear with tight jeans. So I gave them up!

Gender Expansive: Apparently this is a more politically correct term versus Gender Nonconforming and is preferred now. The non-conforming part somehow insinuated that something was “wrong.”

Agender: People that do not identify with any gender. I knew of asexual, but not agender.

Deadname and Deadnaming: The birth name of a person who has changed their name. And then some asshat who insists on referring to a person who is transgender by their non-affirmed name is deadnaming them. Although I did just read an article where this term was used so I had an inkling of what it meant. However, these terms were relatively new to me.

Gender Outlaw: People who refuse to allow society’s definition of male or female to define them. Love this one!

Omnigender: Experiences possessing all genders.

Polygender or Pangender: People who experience and display parts of multiple genders.

Gendervoid: This one is similar to agender, but specifically refers to not only a lack of gender identity, but also a sense of loss or a void in not feeling that gender identity.

Now I could keep going because I found this article that lists 72 other genders, but I think I will just provide the link to the article: I did not know the majority of these terms!

I hope this has provided you with some interesting information. I know I thoroughly enjoyed doing the research. Learning and growth is a lifelong experience, or it should be…besides my blog, I hope I provide interesting tidbits in my books. It’s something I love to do. If you want to check that out, you know the drill, simply click on the links below!

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