Every day I go to my news app and scan the articles and sometimes I come across gems that lead to a new topic for my Friday blogs. Normally, Cosmopolitan has great articles about sexual health, but this past week Buzzfeed ran an article about a twenty-eight-year-old woman who realized she’d never had a full orgasm before. Well…y’all know that had to capture my interest…

The first question I asked myself was what the heck is a full orgasm versus a half orgasm or what some call a mini-gasm. Apparently, this woman’s orgasms were not matching up to what is represented in the movies or TV shows. Not that I am discounting her experience, (because as it turns out there are ways for women experiencing this so-called mini-gasm to graduate to a full orgasm) but my first reaction was, well…duh. Writers often exaggerate the sexual experience on the big and small screen. These shows are fiction for goodness sake. This is also true for many romance novels. We love to make sure the sex scenes are over-the-top hot with characters who have the kind of sexual prowess that one can only find in fiction. That is not to say that women have not experienced very satisfying orgasms or have a healthy sexual life, especially lesbians or women loving women, but to hold my experiences up to those in the romance novels would be silly.

However, as I read the article, it was clear there are some women who have something called pelvic floor dysfunction and this will most certainly affect the strength of a person’s orgasm. Now this made sense to me. I am sure we have all experienced times when an orgasm was especially powerful compared to other times when it was just meh. I won’t go into great detail on what a person can do to enhance their experience, but there are several remedies including, vaginal muscle relaxer suppositories, pelvic floor exercises, yoga, trigger point injections on one’s pelvic floor muscle, robotic laparoscopic excision surgery (a procedure to remove scar tissue from the uterus).

So what the heck is the pelvic floor? Simply put, it is a group of twenty-six muscles behind the pubic bone. In order for a person to have full orgasms, the muscles have to be able to contract and lift as well as relax and lengthen. A person with pelvic floor dysfunction has tight and inflexible muscles which prevent the person from having optimal blood flow. Since sex adds more muscle tension, there is less pelvic floor range of motion making it harder to achieve adequate nerve stimulation. Full orgasms require enough nerves to “go over the threshold.” The bottom line is that if the muscles don’t have enough flexibility, the woman cannot “move through the full involuntary contraction and relaxation sequence that occurs during a full orgasm.”

Now, I know you’ll probably never read about this is a romance novel, but wouldn’t that be an interesting storyline…character one thinks she’s broken, character two is a sex therapist who knows about this syndrome, and voila they fall in love and finally character one has great sex. Maybe I’ll write the story, or perhaps it will be a tiny subplot in the next installment of the Trophy Wives series. To get the 4th book in the series, just click one of the links below. Or, feel free to click any of the links below for my other books. Hopefully, you can join us tomorrow at noon PST for a live reading, here is a link to the event:

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