101 Different Types of Sex

Okay, maybe I wasn’t able to come up with 101, but I came really close because there are a shit ton of different ways (just shy by six)! After joking about hiring a Ghost Writer to write my sex scenes for me, I received a number of hilarious responses. One of those was from Bongo Bear, who proceeded to list a number of different ways to have sex. So…I decided I had to write a blog about this, including her list as well as others who also provided very helpful suggestions. Of course I had to think of a few on my own as well. And I also did a quick internet search to help me pick up a few more. The following list is a combination of the different types, as well as some very creative suggestions on locations. So without further ado…

  • Inexperienced first-time sex
  • Stranger sex (one night stand)
  • Dangerous sex
  • Cheating sex
  • Angry/jealous sex
  • Makeup sex
  • Lazy Saturday or Sunday sex
  • Happy anniversary sex
  • Sex interrupted by pets/children/in-laws dropping by/Amazon delivery/Pizza delivery
  • Sex joined by Amazon and/or Pizza delivery
  • Frustrated because batteries are dead sex
  • Who cares; look at what Amazon just delivered sex
  • I’m bored; let’s try something different sex
  • Rough sex
  • Vanilla sex
  • BDSM
  • Kinky sex
  • Fetish sex
  • Sex with a furry
  • Anal sex
  • Sex with toys
  • Oral Sex
  • Strap-on sex
  • Sex with food
  • I’m sorry. Let me kiss it and make it better sex
  • Last time sex before someone goes to prison/off-to-war/five year mission to Mars
  • Once more for old times sake sex
  • Public sex
  • Sex with reverence
  • Rip off the other’s clothes sex
  • Polyamory sex
  • Worship the other person’s body sex
  • Birthday sex
  • Celebratory sex
  • Sex after a long, dry spell
  • No holds bar sex
  • Beach sex
  • Camping sex
  • Mile hile sex
  • Orgy
  • Menage a trois
  • Honeymoon sex
  • Soulmate sex
  • Roleplay sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Do-it-yourself sex
  • Dry humping
  • Finger-f@%king
  • Edging
  • Scissor sex
  • Sixty-nine
  • Sit on your face sex
  • Tantric sex
  • Phone or virtual sex
  • Foot sex (yes that is actually a thing – some people can orgasm with only their feet being caressed)
  • Shower sex
  • Goodbye sex
  • Quick sex
  • All night sex
  • Drunk Sex
  • High Sex
  • Caffeine induced sex
  • Breakup sex
  • Hotel sex
  • Paid for sex
  • Sex while watching porn
  • Creating porn sex
  • Sex while someone watches
  • Planned sex
  • Spontaneous sex
  • Vacation sex
  • Sex outside of the bedroom
  • RV sex
  • Outdoor sex
  • Fake sex (as in faking an orgasm)
  • On a pool table
  • On the kitchen table
  • In the office on a desk
  • Against a wall
  • In a bathtub
  • In a hot tub
  • In a boat
  • To the music of Barry White
  • To the music of Donna Summer
  • In the stall of a bathroom sex
  • Screaming…OMFG sex
  • Panties twirling on the overhead fan sex
  • Discarded clothes on the staircase sex
  • Yoni massage sex
  • Sex after a massage
  • Illicit sex
  • Illegal sex (as in before when sex between two women or two men was illegal – not the other kind, because uh, yuk)
  • Post menopausal sex
  • Snowed in sex
  • Sex because you think you might be dying soon

Whew…quite a list, and I know I am missing some, and others are very similar with small differences. What this little post taught me is that there are so many more ways to write a sex scene than I imagined. All I really needed to do is step outside the tiny box I’ve put myself into and branch out. Next time I am stuck, I’ll come back to this blog for inspiration. Thank you to all who contributed and to those who will respond to this blog to add to the list. Come on people…I only need six more to meet the 101 number. For other authors who are stuck, feel free to peruse the list! I have sincerely tried to alter my sex scenes so that I don’t write the same things over and over. Feel free to check out my books and let me know if I’ve actually achieved that goal. You know the drill…simply click on the links below.

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