Next Generation Erotica

Although the election drama is the gift that keeps on giving (sarcasm here), I promised I would return to more light-hearted blogs…so…welcome to my return to one of my favorite topics. This past week, I saw Nancy Ann Healy’s post on a vibrator called, Little Bird that syncs with erotica books. Of course, I just… Read More Next Generation Erotica

Is it Love?

Heart palpitations. Pacing the floor, mumbling to yourself. Acting like a complete fool as you stare at the object of your obsession. My palms begin to sweat. There are a lot more than butterflies moving around in my stomach. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I’m up all night waiting for those three little words.… Read More Is it Love?

Masks at Home?

I was talking with my wife the other day and she mentioned that a new recommendation came out suggesting we should be wearing masks at home. Um…what? Yup, I googled this. Sure enough, Dr. Birx said, “If you’re in multi-generational households and there’s an outbreak in your rural area or in your city, you need… Read More Masks at Home?