To Reveal or Not to Reveal – That is the Question


I have a dilemma. I created a pen name, not because I am concerned about being out at work, but because of my position and the responsibility attached to it.

I am the Chief Human Resource Officer at my place of employment and we have strict policies on the use of profanity in the workplace. I wholeheartedly support those policies. We expect our staff to be professional. I am of course a visible person in the organization and considered a role model.

Here’s the dilemma…

My staff are dying to know what my pen name is. They want to purchase my book coming out in April. To say the main character uses profanity would be an understatement. She has a potty mouth. It is fundamental to her character. Then there are the sex scenes.

So…do I wait five years when I retire and reveal all, or do I reveal my pen name and alter their view of me?
I wonder how many other budding authors have struggled with this dilemma.

Advice anyone??

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