Warning: This will probably be the lamest blog I’ve written so far, but in my defense I am still trying to recover from my sickness so I hope I get points for effort! If you don’t really care and want to read on…just remember…reader beware…..


Most of an author’s writing life is spent waiting (well at least for this author). Waiting for a good idea to meander through my brain. Waiting for the beta readers to give their impression of your new baby. Waiting for the beta editor to give you recommendations for change. Waiting for the final editor to give you their marked up version. Waiting for the proof editor to show the last minute corrections. Waiting for the release of the book. And….the most nerve wracking of all….waiting for the reviews to come in.


I pace, lose my appetite, nibble on my nails and basically stress out to the max during the final waiting period. The longer the wait, the more the story in my brain grows. In the absence of information, humans (me especially) make shit up. When I tell myself a story it isn’t full of rainbows and lollipops. Instead, I start telling myself….aw shit…my most loyal readers hate it and are too nice to give me an honest opinion, so not writing a review is the most kind thing they’ve decided to do.


The debate over reviews has been played out ad nauseum.  Critical feedback, as is often argued, gives the writer valuable information on how to improve and it isn’t personal. I one hundred percent agree with that. We all know that in our heads, but in our hearts it always hurts because writing is such a personal expression. Pieces of who we are and our experiences nearly always come through in our characters and parts of each story. Emotion is unavoidable.


For me no feedback is worse than critical feedback, because I am so creative that I manage to conjure up in my head a monster of epic proportions. Normally, I am considered extremely even keeled with the patience of Job. Who was Job anyway? When it comes to waiting on reviews, I am very impatient. A very disagreeable trait…I would be the first to admit that!


Since my latest book has been out for two days now without any feedback, I’m about ready to beg for someone to put me out of my misery! So I sit waiting not so patiently. If you haven’t picked up The Termination and would like to take a chance before any reviews come in, well of course I’d love that….or feel free to check out any others that do actually have reviews!

Amazon link to The Termination: The Termination

Affinity link to The Termination: The Termination

The Termination

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page



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