Dyke Tape

I’ve decided to rename duct tape to dyke tape. Because I don’t know about you, but it is my go to fix it tool. I suppose I use the word “tool” liberally. I’ve talked before about embracing the word, Dyke. I’ve also talked about my love affair with duct tape. It seemed natural to bring the two together. However, as much as I love dyke tape, it has not served me well over the last couple of weeks!

The one thing duct tape couldn't fix.

As I start wrapping everything up here in Forks in anticipation of retirement, I tried to expand the use of my beloved dyke tape.  Packing up and taking care of everything presents numerous opportunities. Last weekend I had two epic fails and went out to the internet to seek sage advice from my Facebook peeps who are so helpful.


First, my bathtub plug was not working to be able to fill my tub with bleach so I could make a dent in the stain I never found a way to get rid of in two years. I decided to wrap my tub screen in dyke tape. I need the screen to trap all the hair I shed. I figured with just a little extra assistance maybe I could prevent the tub from draining. Nope. It did not work. I know, I know, y’all are questioning my level of intelligence right about now. Using dyke tape for anything related to plumbing is a bit fat no.


Then I started feeling my air mattress drain more quickly than usual and listened for the telltale noise I was dreading….psshhhhh. Not one, but two holes made themselves known. I have no friggin idea where they came from because my cat, Nico, had traveled back to Moses Lake with my wife the weekend prior to my mad dash at fixing everything. Honestly, I didn’t really think the dyke tape would work, but it was what I had and I was too lazy to make the trek outside in the pouring rain. Which, for the record is not an excuse because the hardware store is literally less than two blocks away. Digging inside my closet, I found the patch kits that came with the mattress and after two tries, holes were sufficiently patched.


So…what have I found as the most important use for my beloved dyke tape as I make my final preparations? Securing the corners of those lidded paper boxes I’ve gathered from work. On occasion, the glue on the edges comes apart and creates a very flimsy box. My dyke tape works perfectly to create a very sturdy box!

I’m on a serious countdown. Twenty-eight days, but who’s counting? Oh, right, I am! Over the next few weeks, I’m sure I’ll find other uses for my beloved dyke tape. Because with a name like that, I must make it the most valuable tool in my dyke toolbox!


I don’t think I’ll bundle any of my books with dyke tape because that would ruin their beautiful covers. If you want to check any of them out, especially Compound Interest the latest in the Asset Management/Book Addict double series, click the links below. And…please don’t forget that by purchasing Compound Interest every dime goes to these two charities: It Gets Better and The Trevor Project. Please consider getting a great book and contributing to charities that support LGBTQ+ youth.

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